Monday, September 10, 2007

Upper to Lower Peninsula (St. Ignace to Mackinaw City, Michigan)

After a brief weather delay in St. Ignace, we sailed off to Mackinaw City on Wednesday, September 5. By the time we left St. Ignace, the marina had cleared out pretty quickly. There were about ten boats and four otters left. And, for the record, the otters didn't seem too happy to have to share the marina with the ten boats. The big one snorted at us when we walked by. (I think it was a snort -- it could have been a growl.)

I know that was a while ago. Why haven't we posted anything since then? No, we weren't still recovering from the Bridge Walk. Really we just had a very spotty and nearly non-existent internet connection. And we couldn't find a free WIFI place in town.We're going to try to catch up as we're now in Petoskey.

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