Sunday, January 20, 2008

January in Chicago

Well, it's the middle of winter here in Chicago. We look out over Lake Michigan and here's what we see . . . the lake is frozen and colors are all gray and muted even on a brightly sunny day.

One more photo . . . this is one of the water intake stations out on the lake.

On days like this, last summer's cruise seems to be far in the past. But we aren't letting the weather get to us (well, at least not too much). We're beginning preparations for next summer's cruise by, finally, organizing all the photos, blog entries, memories, etc. from last summer's cruise. How does that prepare us for next summer? By motivating us, of course!

But it also serves a more utilitarian function. In order to better organize everything, we're setting up a web site to store info about places we've been and experiences we've had. The site will be a great source from which to view our archived blog posts as well as other info we plan to post.

The url is:

Enjoy . . . and it's only sixty days (or so) until spring arrives!

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