Tuesday, September 23, 2008

'Twas The Night Before Autumn Equinox *

At Crosswinds Marina,
Autumn Equinox.
All boaters were stirring ...
A party at the docks!

(OK, that's not what this poem is about. But it definitely describes "A" Dock.)

The lines were all tied
To the cleats with care,
As summer cruise memories
Danced in the air.

Meridian was nestled
All snug at her slip.
She was dreaming of summer
Gone by in a blip.

She thought of Chicago,
The cruise soon to wrap.
But what she really wanted
Was a long winter's nap.

When all of a sudden
There arose such a clatter!
It was Dockmaster Eric ...
What could be the matter?

"Meridian's sleepy",
He said with a wink.
"I've cheap indoor storage.
Now what do you think?"

Phil's eyes how they twinkled,
His dimples how merry.
"Sounds quite good to us,
September wind's scary!"

"Cheap indoor storage?
This is great, don't you know?"
Meridian cheered,
"No more sleeping in snow!"

A fam'ly owned bus'ness
For twenty odd years
Soon gave us to know
We would have no fears.

A blank storage contract
Appeared in his hand,
So we filled in the blanks
While standing on land

The storage is heated
Year 'round, fifty-five
They'll charge up our batt'ries
To keep them alive

Meridian's happy
She'll be cozy through Spring
Phil and Bernie now have to
Unload everything

Meridian exclaimed
As they drove off with some gear

"Happy Cruising to All

We'll see you next year!"

* With apologies to Clement Moore


Christopher said...

While I thank you for your time in posting information on ports, please, please never post any of your "poetry" again. I'm having nightmares about it, and I'm not even asleep yet.

Chicago Charters said...

This aritlce went ahead and made my day.

Cruises Chicago said...

Fantastic walk-through. I appreciate this post.