Wednesday, August 22, 2007

South Manitou Island to Northport Michigan

This leg of the trip is about 45 miles. We left South Manitou at about 7:30 am on Sunday morning and arrived at G. Marsten Dame Marina in Northport at about 1:00 pm. The trip was fairly uneventful. We didn't see too many boats along the way, but we're starting to hear more radio chatter from the "real" cruisers who are doing the Great Loop cruise. They seem to be traveling in groups, talking to each other a lot, and comparing where each had waited out the recent windy spell.

We stayed about five miles offshore most of the time, and the water was relatively calm except for a brief spell as we neared Lighthouse Point. Lighthouse Point marks the northeast end of Grand Traverse Bay. The wind picked up and it got a bit choppy, but it never got too bad. It calmed down after entering Grand Traverse Bay.

The Grand Traverse Lighthouse is on Lighthouse Point. While staying in Northport we took a bicycle ride to the lighthouse.

As we were rounding the point, we saw a large freighter. It was far out on the lake, with South Fox Island in the background.

As we entered the marina, once again the staff was waiting at the slip to help us with the lines. We tied up, got Meridian situated, thanked Meridian for giving us a safe and comfortable ride, then left to explore the town.

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