Monday, August 13, 2007

The Trip from Muskegon to Pentwater

Our internet connection in Pentwater was extremely slow so we are a bit backed up with posting. We hope to catch up by Monday or Tuesday evening

We heard Pentwater can get very crowded, so we called ahead on Thursday night to the Snug Harbor Marina. We were told it would be packed the next day, but if we called and confirmed at about 9 am they’d hold us a spot – at worst along the wall by the fuel dock, or by the haul-out crane.

Because of that, we wanted to get a really
early start on Friday morning. Unfortunately, when we woke up at 5 am, we were greeted by dense fog (or as we had recently learned, “Light Haze”). So we made our preparations and waited for it to brighten up a bit. By 7:30 it was still pretty foggy, but you could see that the sun was trying to break through – so we unhooked the lines and headed out into the lake. Moving very slowly.

It was still very foggy on Lake Muskegon, but it eased up a bit on Lake Michigan, and visibility gradually improved. We eventually increased our speed to the lightning fast 10 mph that has become our typical cruising speed. (Gas prices, you know.)

Once again, the lake was extremely calm, and it was a very pleasant trip. We stayed about ½ mile off shore, and once the fog cleared, we could see the sand dunes pretty well. They are truly amazing along this stretch of the lake.

As we passed the entrance to White Lake it was still a bit hazy, but we took a picture for Di.

Upon reaching Little Sable Point, it had become sunny and warm. We got a really nice view of the lighthouse.

It was also nice to finally be able to look behind the boat and see a wake that wasn’t silver.

We then motored along past the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. This area is different from the other dunes we’ve passed along the shore, in that they are not covered with trees and vegetation. Just really large mountains of sand. From the lake, we could see dune buggies crawling up and down the sides. You could also see lots of boats anchored and people on the beaches.

We reached the entrance to Pentwater Lake at 12:40 pm. As you can see, the weather was very different from when we set out in the morning! We then reached Snug Harbor Marina at about 1:00 pm where they had us tie up on the wall near the gas dock, helping us with the lines as we approached from a weird angle. It’s actually a great location, located right up against the sidewalk in a park-like setting. As with the other Michigan marinas, the staff was very helpful, gave us great directions, and were right there to help us at the dock with whatever we needed.

And finally, here’s our favorite picture of the day, taken as the sun was starting to burn off the fog, and the lake was still extremely calm.

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