Monday, August 20, 2007

Various sights in Leland, Michigan

During our trip up the western Michigan coast, a number of people mentioned Leland as their favorite port. It’s too early to call it our favorite, but it definitely wasn’t a bad place to spend an extra day or two.

While Lake Michigan was rough due to the high winds, the weather in Leland was very nice during our stay. Here are a number of miscellaneous photographs from the area that, hopefully, convey some of Leland’s character.

Some photos taken in and around Fishtown

There were several interesting wind vanes atop the shanties of Fishtown. The first one is the "Fish Vane" which is six or eight feet long and is one of the first sights that greets you as you enter town from the harbor. The second vane is made up of tugboats.

Lake Leelanou and the Leland (or Carp) River

Even during the strongest winds that were creating seven foot waves on Lake Michigan, this section of Lake Leelanou, that is surrounded by trees and sand dunes, was very calm and serene

In and Around the Harbor

We spent much time relaxing on the boat, especially in the evening. And we were rewarded with some very interesting sights. It's hard to believe it was the same lake during the one evening the wind died down.

Some kids came out and were diving off of the breakwater into the harbor. Interestingly enough, it was just the girls who would dive. The guys were too "cool" I guess.

During that one spell on Thursday evening when it got calm, it got really calm. That made for some nice sunset photos from the bridge of Meridian. If you click on the picture, it should enlarge enough for you to see the detail of the sliver moon and it's reflection.

A seagull examining the pretty sliver moon . . .

A cormorant resting atop a sailboat.

Bernie has begun to collect interesting boat names. Here's one from Leland.

This really is more than just a black photo. Click on it to see the detail.

Miscellaneous sights around the town

There's a really huge tree on the main street leading from the docks into town.

This car caught our attention while parked at the Early Bird restaurant. It was covered on all sides with bumper stickers. Pay close attention because, surprisingly enough, it will show up again later in our journey . . .

Here's one of the bumper stickers we photographed especially for Diane.

Apparently rocking chairs are just too common for Leland. After all, every town seems to have them in front of stores on Main Street. Leland has rocking tables.

A scene at the beach, north of the harbor, where the kite surfers are attempting to get started.

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