Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bernie's Hide-y-Hole

Just a quick little post about life aboard Meridian . . .

Most other 1982 410 Commanders have two staterooms, one aft and another forward. During our cruises, Meridian has only one. The forward one, which every now and then has been used as a stateroom for guests, has now been officially replaced by what we like to call "Bernie's Hide-y-Hole". It's a place where, on cool drizzly "blah" kind of weather days, like today, when it's too unpleasant for outdoor activities, Bernie likes to snuggle up with a blanket and book, a magazine, a relatively recent local newspaper, or just take a nap.

Here's a photo of her in her Hide-y-Hole. Notice our backup chart of Lake Michigan nestled around her lap . . . you can never have too many navigational tools!

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