Saturday, June 21, 2008

Stopping By to See Our Old Friend Pentwater, Michigan

Although we like exploring new towns, it's fun to re-visit some of the ones we went to last year. It's like seeing an old friend you haven't seen in a long time (like after a waaaayyyy too long winter). And it's nice when things haven't changed too much. We were pleased when we cruised into Pentwater Lake and saw that familiar blue water tower.

When we arrived at the Snug Harbor Marina and prepared to dock, it was clear that they remembered us from last year: They sent out four dockhands to help us. (Either they remembered us or they have friends who live near Port Sheldon who warned them about the crew of a maroon and beige Chris Craft. "The boat seems to know what to do but the two crew members are clueless.") The first thing we did when we checked in at the Snug Harbor Marina was talk to the Harbor Master, Jack Witt, about having Jason the Mechanic give Meridian a tune-up. Last year Jason fixed the transmission leak that we had in the engines and did such a great job that we wanted to make sure he did this year's tune-up. When you find a good mechanic, you travel across seas for his service (or at least across one of the Great Lakes).

When we were last in Pentwater, it was their Homecoming Weekend and things were crazy. This year, as it is still early in the season, things were a little more sedate. The guys at the marina said that things really pick up in July but they don't now how this year will be with gas prices what they are. We did notice A LOT more boats still on blocks in the yard. People were working on them -- getting them ready for launch -- but it seems that everyone is getting a little later start this year.

So, Pentwater hasn't changed much since last year. It is still a friendly little town with quaint shops, an exceptional marina (Snug Harbor), good restaurants (including a House of Flavors Ice Cream Shop) and fun events on the Village Green. Our first evening there, a Tuesday, we went over to see Pickin' in Pentwater - an ad hoc collection of musicians who take turns playing songs (generally bluegrass). We also went to the Gull Landing restaurant. Gull Landing is a casual restaurant with good food and a nice outdoor deck. On Wednesdays, they have a live band out on the deck, usually jazz-influenced.

This year we were able to visit the Pentwater Farmer's Market. It's not huge but it has vendors who sell breads and pastries, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and jams and jellies. Usually Liberty Family Farms is there (they are participants at the Chicago Green City Market), but we missed them this time.

Having re-stocked the strawberries, got Meridian tuned-up, and got a little more boat organization accomplished, we headed off for Ludington.

We have to mention that the AT&T and Cingular merger seems to have improved their service. Last year our air card was spotty in South Haven and didn't work at all in Pentwater. This year, we're getting good connections so far - KNOCK WOOD.

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