Saturday, June 7, 2008

Meridian's Afloat!

Although we were initially scheduled for a Monday launch, when Mark the yard manager stopped by and asked if we could go in on Saturday, I could hear Meridian excitedly whispering in my ear "say yes! say yes! say yes!" I said "yes".

So today Meridian is happily floating on the Chicago River by the Canal Street Marina. When I stepped aboard, she felt like a real boat for the first time since last October. It's amazing how different she feels when she's floating, as opposed to being up on blocks. That gentle little swaying and rocking that she does when you board her just feels so natural now.

Our only worry is how she'll like staying on the Chicago River until Wednesday. If you recall, last year she was on the river for almost two weeks and didn't like it one bit. Many of her water intakes clogged up with mud and other icky stuff. And, as you can see, the water around her is not the most pristine.

But for now she's happily afloat and won't need to be there for more than three or four days so all is well!

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