Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back in the US - Drummond Island, MI

August 22, 2008

After leaving Cockburn Island, we headed back to the US and checked in with US customs at Drummond Island Yacht Haven. Checking in was a painless process for us. We think our infamous rickety old boarding ladder caused some anxiety for the US Customs agent, though. She was a little leery about climbing up even though we had assured her that it had been "stress tested" by the Canadian Customs agent in Gore Bay.

Having checked-in and paid the $27.50 for the re-entry fee, we considered taking off for an anchorage on Harbor Island. That's when we realized that staying up all night with the Cockburn Island ghosts had been pretty tiring. We decided to take it easy and stay the night. Drummond Island Yacht Haven provides rental cars for boaters. For $55 you can rent a car and wander the island. For $12, you can rent a car to go to the "Four Corners". Guess which one Phil picked. Four Corners is the main shopping area of Drummond Island and also has a nice little casual restaurant called Northwoods. The special was all-you-can-eat whitefish. So Phil and I ordered all we could eat! We had a very decadent chocolate torte dessert, too. While dining, there was a one man band playing a concertina in the next room. The dinner and service was good. It seems to be quite popular with the residents and visitors as well as it was quite busy and a line was forming as we finished.

The next day (Saturday) we planned to leave for Harbor Island. The weather was a little iffy as thunderstorms were forecasted to come through. The Drummond Island Yacht Haven is quite accommodating, though. They told us we could stay as long as we wanted, if we stayed abother night then we could settle up tomorrow. The storms moved through by 1:30pm so we undid our lines and left for the short trip to Harbor Island.

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