Thursday, August 28, 2008

Returning to the Beginning in Turnbull

August 19, 2008

Turnbull was our first anchoring stop in the North Channel so it seemed fitting to revisit it on our way back. The first thing we noticed when we came back was that the two deadheads had been removed. The deadhead police had apparently removed them while we were gone. They must have read our blog, saw there were deadheads lurking about, and rushed to Turnbull, lights blazing and sirens blaring, to remove the dangerous deadheads. Although that didn't mean that all the obstacles were cleared. After setting our anchor, Phil noticed some long dark ominous looking projection just under the surface and well within swinging distance of Meridian. Armed with the handy-dandy boat hook, he attempted to figure out what it was and remove it. Try as he might, he wasn't able to snag it -- well actually he was able to snag it but it kept freeing itself from the boat hook. Whatever it was was both bouyant enough and flexible enough to be moved with the boat hook which seemed to indicate that it wouldn't be a major hazard. Satisfied that Old Sam Peabody, a North Channel cruising legend who was also in Turnbull, wouldn't shake his head in despair and disgust at the novices, we settled in to Turnbull.

Revisiting our first anchorages help us realize how much better kayakers we are now as opposed to the first time through. We did a lot more kayaking through Turnbull's islets and coves than we were able to do the first time. We also found the time to do a shore party, weighing the dinghy down with wine, grill, food, and campfire materials. Bernie tested our her new fish on the propane grill recipe creation with rave success.

All this reminiscing about our first North Channel anchoring spots got us thinking about our first Canadian port.

Which got us thinking about Meldrum Bay.

Which got us thinking about the Meldrum Bay Inn.

Which got us thinking about the Meldrum Bay Inn Butter Tarts.

So the next morning we wasted no time, hauled anchor, and headed off to Meldrum Bay for a Butter Tart Run.

Turnbull Island
N46 09.281
W82 45.679

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