Thursday, August 28, 2008

Must ... Have ... Butter Tarts

August 20, 2008

Despite Bernie's admonishments about fuel consumption and gas prices, Phil raced to Meldrum Bay - repeating, over and over like a mantra

Butter Tarts ... Butter Tarts ... Butter Tarts ... Butter Tarts ... Butter Tarts ... Butter Tarts.

He didn't even notice that they were starting to construct a breakwater around the Meldrum Bay Marina!

He wanted Bernie to call in and say

Meldrum Bay Marina. Meldrum Bay Marina. Meldrum Bay Marina.
This is Meridian,
We'd like overnight dockage and Butter Tarts to go.


The big news in Meldrum Bay since our last visit, is that a 700 foot limestone breakwater is being constructed for Meldrum Bay Marina. Marina staff already noticed a difference during a recent northerly storm from the partially constructed breakwater. They are looking forward to protection from the ice that the breakwater will provide in the winter. They also have requested funding to remove the big cassons that are at the end of the marina docks.

Our second visit to Meldrum Bay enabled Bernie to visit the Net Shed Museum. It has many artifacts from Meldrum Bay's earlier days and large books of newspaper clippings concerning Meldrum Bay life, which are neat to look through.

We dined at the Meldrum Bay Inn and took the Butter Tarts to go. There is an interesting story about the current owners of the Meldrum Bay Inn that we learned about while on Cockburn Island. The current owners, Shirin and Bob, bought the Inn last year, sight unseen, based on the internet ad that was accidentally left on the real estate website after the Inn was sold two years ago. They plan to keep it open all year this year -- hoping for the snowmobile and winter sports enthusiasts. We hope they are successful because the people are great and provide a welcoming atmostphere. The food is great, too. If you ever find yourself in the Meldrum Bay area, we highly recommend the Meldrum Bay Inn.

Butter Tarts safely stowed away, we headed off for Cockburn Island and the Tolsmaville Ghost Town.

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