Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beardrop Harbour, North Channel

July 19, 2008
August 15-16, 2008

We accidentally forgot to post a blog about Beardrop Harbour when we were there the first time through. This blog will combine both visits as well as some pictures from the Whalesback Channel. We will mainly let the pictures speak for the area as words just don't do justice to the scenery.

Beardrop is a very well protected harbor. Our second visit was under much windier conditions than our first visit, so we were the beneficiaries of its protective elements: small islands surrounding the entrance and a natural breakwater at the entrance. As soon as we passed the entrance, the waves died down.

Both trips included hikes and kayaking throughout Beardrop Harbour, Bear Fall Cove and Bear's Bottom Bay.

Hiking in Beardrop Harbour

Beardrop Harbour (from Beardrop)

Beardrop Fall Harbour Shoreline

Two Views of Beardrop

Whalesback Channel
Abigail Island

Frasier Rocks


Turtle Rock

Berrypicker Rock

Abundance of Blueberries

Sunset at Beardrop Harbour

Beardrop Harbour
N46 09.650
W82 37.696

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