Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Call out the Troops, Meridian wants to anchor!!!

It looks like our anchoring and docking prowess is becoming well known up here in northwest Michigan. While in Traverse City, we noticed a large number of boats anchored just west of the marina.

A party!!! Let's go join it!

Unfortunately, we made the mistake of mentioning to someone at the marina that we planned to drop anchor. The next thing we knew, a large Coast Guard boat was patrolling, clearly on "Meridian blockade" duty.

Not to worry, we'll just run the blockade. They were a step ahead of us though, because that's when the air support arrived.

OK, we waited out the air support, but it looks like they were still concerned we'd try to leave. They sent another smaller Coast Guard patrol boat into the marina to monitor us.

Seeing we were still thinking of anchoring, they went all out and called in support from local law enforcement agencies. They had us surrounded.

Just to ensure we stayed safely in the slip, they then blocked the marina entrance.

Somewhere along the way, they put a man "on the ground", maintaining tight surveillance on us to ensure we stayed in the slip.

That's when we just gave up, settling back to watch the Air Show!

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