Thursday, July 10, 2008

Traverse City ... A Restorative Spot

As many of you may remember from last year, Traverse City is one of Bernie's favorite places because there are at least three days of great farmer's markets, wonderful biking, numerous wineries, and an overall good town. So when we cruised into Duncan Clinch Marina, she had a bunch of things she wanted to do such as going to the Farmer's Markets at the Traverse City Commons and Downtown, bike around Old Mission Peninsula, and maybe visit a winery or two. Of course, this was all going to happen after we got all the bugs off the boat. We weren't planning on staying for the Fourth of July festival, the Air Show, or the National Cherry Festival.

Well... best laid plans. As boaters, we always say "The Weather Doesn't Care". The bicyclists' version of that saying is probably, "Steep Hills Don't Care". While going down a particularly steep hill (one we later learned is well known in the area as "Ohhhhhh THAT one !"), Bernie picked up way too much momentum, hit some gravel, and took a bad fall. She's fine, but wasn't quite as mobile as she used to be. So we stayed in Traverse City a few more days than expected.

Now that she has her memory back, though, she's ready to continue blogging.

Things we figured out while resting up in Traverse City

10. Next time we are in the area, Phil is renting a car and driving Bernie around Old Mission Peninsula.

9. Neosporin is great for abrasions but it doesn't work as a hair gel.

8. There is now medical proof that part of Bernie's brain is entirely devoted to '80s music. The doctor said he'd never seen the cover of Journey's Infinity album show up on a CT scan. (Rest assured she will continue to be able to get those annoying songs ... you know which ones ... stuck in your head!)

7. Pleasanton Bakery Cookies help abrasions and contusions heal much faster.

6. Only Go-Fast boaters would have the wry sense of humor needed to see Bernie hobbling down the dock, knees and elbows bandaged, and start calling her "Crash".

5. It is amazing how energized Bernie can get when there is a farmer's market to get to. Especially when Phil gets to carry all the stuff she buys home. (This is Phil by a Champion Tree of Michigan -- it is the largest Black Willow Tree in Michigan and is in the Traverse City Commons.)

4. There's still a whole slew of good samaritans and nice people out there. From the people in the house near where it happened, to the couple on a winery tour who stopped to drive us to the clinic, to everybody at Munson Medical Center (especially Nurse Joan), to the great people (boaters and staff) at Duncan Clinch Marina.

3. The abrasion on Bernie's right knee looks like an anchor. The left knee looks like South Manitou Island.

2. Contrary to what you see on television, ER doctors don't look like McDreamy or McSteamy. But a few of them out there look a bit like Dr. Greene (from ER)

1. You better never let Bernie see you riding a bicycle, skateboard, roller blades, scooter or Segway without also wearing a helmet. (If you think she gets on a soapbox about local food, wait until you hear her about helmets.) Always Always Always ALWAYS wear a helmet.

Three pictures Bernie likes but couldn't fit into the story

Sliver Moon on July 4, 2008

Sign in a Traverse City

Fireworks image from Traverse City's Display. Am I the only one that sees a bear and a rabbit?

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