Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eagle Island, North Channel

Our next stop was Eagle Island. There were stronger winds forecast for Friday (July 25) and Eagle Harbour is protected from all winds by its bay and Frechette Island. Needing a calm night for a change, we checked into Eagle Island.

Eagle Island is a wide open bay but really is very protected. There isn't a lot to do (minimal hiking), so you are prone to the "Boat Lazies" - evidenced by the chronic symptoms that include

(a) sitting with your feet up on the aft deck
(b) sleeping
(c) watching Blue Herons hunt
(d) dozing
(e) making blog notes

There is nice kayaking around the whole bay which gives a close up view of the island. We thought it was similar to John Harbour but with a more scenic mix of rock and forest shoreline.

Having had a good rest, we weighed anchor (still a little on the heavy side) and pulled out for a trip to Oak Bay or South Hotham or West Hotham. There are some strong wind warnings in effect - again - and these three areas are noted to be well protected from all winds.

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